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Product of the Month - Probiotics!

Probiotics Transcript

Hey everyone. Dr. Chris here. And today we are talking probiotics. Probiotics, If you don’t know our good bacteria that belong in your gut. We’re supposed to have a normal gut Flora a good balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria, if you know anything about my backstory in health, and you know, what got me into Chiropractic it was down this road. I was on a bunch of antibiotics as a teenager like minimum, probably 20 rounds of antibiotics 20 and each round would be roughly 30 days. So 20 months’ worth of antibiotics in my teenage years, that’s a lot and it was for something silly like acne without even acknowledging or looking internally to you know, what’s going on. So that being said I started to change my health.

I saw a Chiropractor he got me on the right path and in Chiropractic school, I still remember it like it was you know, like it was yesterday. I was in the cafeteria and sitting next to a friend. Dr. Billy Carmack who now practices in Texas, I believe and we were talking about like how we got into Chiropractic and this and that and I was telling my story and he’s like do you take probiotics at that point zero percent of me knew about Probiotics, I did not know it whatsoever. And he’s like, yeah, there are these bacteria and they’re supposed to be in your gut and take some am I okay? I don’t even know where to find them.

So I went online and I bought some I remember the company has three lack and there were very few options. And if I’m not mistaken, I’m pretty sure buying probiotics for my gut and improving my gut was the very first online purchase I ever made in my life. So just some fun facts. They’re super important and they helped me get better because I had done so much damage to my gut. I was just like pounding and pounding and pounding of the antibiotics at the doctors, you know, advice and counsel of course and you know, it led to a lot of Chaos in my health and products were one of the many steps that helped me regain that health and I still take probiotics to this day.

So it’s one thing that we recommend and you know as a society as humans, it has to be in our diet probiotics belong in our diet, but it’s basically missing from the standard American diet, which is sad, sad in two ways a standard American diet stands for side or vice versa. So it’s in our it’s missing from our normal intake of food. If you look at different cultures, they all had some version of probiotics in their daily meals, but that’s not what most people experience so you can go down that path, and honestly, that’s the preferred. You’re going to have a very diverse diet and have probiotic-rich foods.

Yes, do that. But if you’re like, hey, I’m not there yet. It’s going to take a lot of change supplements with good probiotics. This month. we’re going to talk a lot about them because it’s something we’ve recommended for years upon years as a staple item in your diet, whether food or supplementation. So like our favorites come from Standard Process, and we’ve got another kid one or two different kids ones from Nordic Naturals and one from Young Living so you have optioned the kid tasting what are the kid ones are, you know, they’re very good tasting the adult ones are capsules are very easy to take and if you’re an adult and you don’t want to take them you can open them up and take them as well.

They taste finely powdered as well. The ones that I started with only came in powdered. So I used to dump these little packets and let them dissolve on my tongue. It was a lemon flavor. I still can clearly taste that in my brain, but it was part of my path and for so many reasons. It is something we recommend right, you know regularly. So if you are not on probiotics, we would urge you to get on some if you are unclear on which to take and you have some at home that maybe you’ve tried to bring them in because oftentimes a lot of them have really junky fillers.

So then you’re getting like good plus some toxins. You don’t want that you want just the good. So if you got questions, let us know this month April 2021, they will be 10% off all month if you order them with us and we could give you recommendations for whether to do, you know if it’s for kids which one we like Amaya’s had all three, both kids versions and the adult version so we can say that it’s even kid-tested and meets the standard of a kids palette. So we have different options. Let us know but please start to add it into your diet. You have any questions like I said, let us know on your next visit or reply to this video. Send us a text, whatever email a wolf whatever you’ve got. Send it over to you guys. Bye.

If you are interested in purchasing some Probiotic or have any questions for us, let us know via the button below.

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