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Rachel's Experience with Vertigo and Chiropractic

Vertigo Experience Transcript

So I have been suffering from vertigo for probably seven years on and off. I started coming to get chiropractic care when I was pregnant and, Dr. Chris and Dr. Adana did amazing things for my back and my pregnancy body and I never thought to tell them anything about my vertigo and then I had my baby I was Five months postpartum when I started coming back because my vertigo was out of control.

I was dizzy, throwing up, suffering. It was horrible. And I finally thought to tell them what was going on. I started coming back. They’ve been working on my vertigo. They’ve been doing their different Maneuvers and I feel so much better. Now one thing that just happened to me last week was I was nursing my baby, and anytime I’m nursing my baby in our bedroom the sliver of Light that was coming in from a window would make me dizzy and trigger my vertigo.

So I would always hate sitting there and then the other day I was sitting there the sliver of light was coming through the window and I wasn’t dizzy. I was perfectly fine sitting there and I realized this and I almost started to cry because I was so amazing, and I’m just so thankful for Dr. Chris and Dr. Adana and I love chiropractic care and it’s been so amazing. So thank you to them. And come on down because Chiropractic Care is so good for anything you need.

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