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Round Ligament Pain GONE!

First Time Mommy Gets Rid of Round Ligament Pain

I came to see Dr. Adana because I was having a difficult pregnancy. I was having severe gastrointestinal problems and at one point my pregnancy was deemed high risk. In addition, I was having severe round ligament pain and joint pain. My hope was that Dr. Adana’s care would relieve me of some of my pain and lead to a safe and healthy delivery.

Once I began getting adjusted, the round ligament pain immediately stopped and the joint pain I was experiencing was reduced. My gastrointestinal issues were improved to the point that I was able to digest meals more easily and I no longer had to take visits to urgent cares or emergency rooms. I noticed that baby was very active in my uterus after the adjustments as if he had plenty of room to grow and move in there. I believe that my baby was able to grow to his fullest potential even though I’m a petite woman because of the care I was receiving. He was 2 weeks late in terms of his delivery date, but I did not need to be induced because he finally descended naturally. He tipped the scales at a whopping 8 pounds 4 ounces!

Baby Mason was adjusted before he was even one-day-old! Dr. Adana came in on her own time during her lunch and gave him an evaluation and gently adjusted him in the hospital room. He was very calm through it all and was able to latch on perfectly after this to be breastfed. I have been bringing Mason in for adjustments ever since, and we have seen improvements in his bowel habits, breastfeeding habits, and in his level of strength and awareness. We have avoided unnecessary immunizations by being educated by Dr. Adana on what is practical and what isn’t in terms of medicine.

Overall, Dr. Adana and Dr. Chris have been very caring chiropractors through my pregnancy and now as a new mother. Dr. Adana seems to care for my Mason as though he were her own and I have full faith that she has only the best intentions regarding his health and my own. Mason actually enjoys his chiropractic visits and is in a better mood, sometimes immediately, upon receiving his little adjustments. He is growing rapidly now and is in perfect health and I firmly believe that chiropractic has a lot to do with this since his body is enabled to function at its fullest potential!


Julie M.