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Our Self-Healing and Self-Regulating Bodies

Our Self-Healing & Self-Regulating Bodies

Hey everyone. Dr. Chris here, and today we’re talking about the amazingness of your body. This body, your body, all bodies are self-healing and self-regulating. That is a primary component and philosophical truth. That comes with your body and it’s something that’s ingrained into Chiropractic. It’s one of our main principles that the body is self-healing and self-regulating, and you’ve all experienced it at one way of one level or another, you know, you have a paper cut, no one has paper cuts that are 10 years old, right? Your body heals it your body goes through it and takes care of it. You get new skin.

You forget that it ever happened. So that’s one form of self-healing self-regulating is what’s going on internally, you know, if you go outside and it’s really hot well guess what you’re going to start to sweat. That’s a form of Regulation your body innately knows, hey we need to get some, not dehydration. We need an evaporative effect. That’s the word that evaporates your skin. sweats and it evaporates and cools the body. Conversely, when you are out in the cold you shiver that self-regulation. Also, internally you eat food while your body, then sorts through it. It sorts through okay, I’m going to use these for energy.

This is going to be way, so That’s regulation as well. So our body’s self-healing and self-regulating. We have everything we need to operate and function in this without much external input. You know, We need the basics. Obviously, we need food and water, we need some clean air, those are Basics that we all need and The thing that we really, really need to make sure that it’s operating at its best, we need to nervous system free and clear of subluxation. So subluxation is if you saw my previous video, subluxation is an interference to our nervous system. So as the signal is going from your brain down the body out, to all the nerves into all the cells tissues, and organs. Well, if there’s a blockage there’s going to be a level of dysfunction within your nervous system, we don’t want that. Why?

Because your body’s ability to self And self-regulate comes through the nervous system. So if a subluxation inhibits your body’s ability to self-heal and self-regulate that’s no good. Like how long would you want to be in a state where you couldn’t self-heal or can self-regulate? My answer is zero days, 0 minutes, and 0 seconds. I want to make sure that we are operating in a way, where our body is self-sufficient at all times. So if we make sure that we are free and clear of subluxation, we allow our body to sell fields self-regulate. As we do that, guess what? We express Health in the way that we want and then we can go use our bodies in very, you know, interesting ways. So like I personally love to do these things called Spartan races there. Obstacle course races.

Do they beat up my body? Yes. Can I heal from that level of beating upness, yeah? Of course, takes a while but I push myself to go through that and adapt to those situations and then let my body go through, that self-healing, self-regulation, whatever your thing is, you could Dancer, you could be, you know, a yoga instructor. You could be a, you know, expert Gardener do whatever you want and be able to operate in the way that you want, as long as your body can do what it needs to. So to recap, subluxations inhibit your body’s ability to self-heal self-regulation. If you are in that state for too long, you’re going to start to get into this level of disease, not disease two little words. Dis-ease being in a state of disarray.

As means that there’s no Harmony within this machine of ours. It’s not operating correctly. We need to figure out what that thing is to get back on track. And in this case, it is that subluxation by getting it cleared out by getting adjusted specifically, you allow your body to get back into that mode that it most desires, which is to be in self-healing and self-regulating mode. So, I feel like I said, self-healing and self-regulating a bunch of times on this video.

It’s all good. I hope It drives home. The point, you have everything you need here. You don’t need medications. You don’t need injections. You don’t need all these other things from the external world coming in. You have everything you need within this perfect system, you just need to make sure it’s taken care of. We do that through the adjustment, to make sure you are free and clear of any of those Subluxations. If you have any questions about that, please let us know. Write it down below. See you in the next video.

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