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From Skeptical to Certain

From Skeptical to Certain

August 9 th , 2018 – this is when my journey began with the Innate Family. For context, it is
important to note that I had been hearing about the wonderful work Dr. Adana and Dr. Chris do from
close friends (Elizabeth and Enrique G) and my daughter, Ariana, who has accompanied them and
their daughters for the past four or five years when getting their adjustments. I have had arthritis since
my teenage years and have lived with varying levels of constant pain for the last 32; for this reason, I
had NEVER considered chiropractic treatment as an option due to the fear of experiencing more pain.

In December 2016, I suffered an injury in the area directly behind my left shoulder blade. The
injury caused stiffness and pain radiating to my lower back, left shoulder and through the base of my
neck. On a 1 – 10 scale, I would experience pain at a level raging anywhere from 4 – 10. Ariana kept
trying to convince me that I should try going to Innate, but I would refuse due to the fear of experiencing
more pain and a fruitless outcome. Throughout the last 18 months, I sought support from every expert I
could. My MD offered muscle relaxants (which I refused to take) and suggested I do stretches, yielding
little results. I tried acupuncture, which gave me much relief for short periods. I spent hundreds of
dollars in therapeutic massages, which were amazing while getting them, but a day or two later, I was
back where I started with the pain. Finally, the day came when I could not take it any longer and decided
to listen to Ariana, my 13-year-old, who had been trying to convince me to, at minimum, go for a
consultation at Innate.

Because I was tired of living in pain, being unable to sleep, and constantly feeling
exhausted/irritable, on August 9, I walked into Innate for the first time, still not very convinced and very
skeptical. How was chiropractic treatment going to help me, if nothing else had before? Nonetheless,
there I was. I listened to everything Dr. Chris had to say, did my scans, x-rays, and returned to learn
about the results of the scans and the proposed treatment. Immediately after my first adjustment, I
began to feel the difference. Although the pain shifted locations, I began feeling relief and for the first
time in months, I was able to sleep through the night! I was in disbelief! I eagerly came back the next
day and the following for my second and third adjustments and each one gave me a breath of hope. I
have enjoyed restful sleep, I feel more energized, and the pain has been reduced to a level 1 or 2. My
second scans demonstrated significant improvement, which align to how I am feeling on a daily basis. I
am thankful for taking that step and crossing the barrier of fear and skepticism. I am thankful and
looking forward to improving my health through chiropractic treatment under that care of Innate Family
Chiropractic one day and one adjustment at a time.

Thank you Dr. Chris and Dr. Adana for sharing the gift of healing.

Xochitl A.


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