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Taking a Holistic Approach to Fevers in Children

happy-toddler-with-dog-sqWatching your child battle a fever can be overwhelming and scary. It’s tough to see our kids in pain and absent of their normal spunk and spark. If they rise too high, as outlined by the American Academy of Pediatrics, you need to take steps to have your child be seen immediately by a physician.

However, if they’re not dangerously high, fevers actually serve a great purpose in helping your child battle those nasty bugs they bring home from daycare, school, and all places in between, and there are natural ways to support the body as it does its thing.

Stay Hydrated and Avoid OTC Fever Reducers

A fever’s purpose is to simply kill off any pathogens that are in the body. The bacteria and viruses that may be housing themselves in your child’s body for the moment can’t live at high temperatures, so the body reacts by raising the temp, resulting in a fever, to kill them off.

Instead of automatically reaching for acetaminophen or ibuprofen to bring down your child’s fever and suppress it, there are more natural, holistic ways to support your child’s health while their bodies battle the underlying cause of the fever. Suppressing the fever can prolong the duration of the cold or other infection the child has.

Children will be achy and lethargic during this time, so hydration becomes key with a fever. Adding a powdered electrolyte, or a product like coconut water, can also be immensely helpful. We suggest staying clear of any of the artificial colorings and sugars that are in store-bought products, like Pedialyte, and sticking to sugar free, natural options for hydration.

You know it’s inevitable your child will be sick at some point throughout the fall and winter months, so having these items on hand ahead of time is always a great idea.

Add Calcium Lactate to Your Child’s Regime

When your body is going through the heat of the fever, it innately knows it needs to protect all of its cells and tissues. To do so, it uses calcium as a buffer. And where does it get that calcium? It gets it from the bones, of course. You feel this as widespread achiness throughout the body.

Adding calcium lactate to the water or juice your child drinks during the fever makes it readily available to the digestive system to take into the bloodstream. Their body can then use that for the buffering effect without having to rob it from the bones and create that achiness that has us reaching for Tylenol or Advil. This works well for adults, too!

Visit for a Pediatric Adjustment

Fevers don’t always happen during office hours, but when they do, coming in for an adjustment can help boost the immune system to help the body process things more efficiently. You may find your child is able to break through that fever a lot faster following an adjustment.

Your biggest defense will be a proactive approach that begins before the fevers hit. Visiting regularly helps keep the immune system strong and working effectively to protect your little one’s body from the many icky bugs that are passed from kid to kid each cold and flu season. You can learn more by visiting our YouTube page.

Be Proactive About Your Child’s Health

Don’t wait until the fever hits. Make an appointment with us now to start consistent chiropractic care and give your child an advantage in fighting against the inevitable. Schedule by calling our office at (626) 344-9355.


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