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Thanksgiving Dinner Pro Tips

Hey Innate Family!

Whatever Thanksgiving Dinner will look like for you this year, here are some pro tips on keeping it healthy while still enjoying your delicious meal! If you’ve got any questions, please leave them in the comments below! Tag a friend or family member in the comment, especially if they’re hosting dinner!

Thanksgiving Dinner Transcript

What’s up, everyone? Dr. Chris here and we are days away from Thanksgiving. Maybe you’re even watching this on Thanksgiving morning, but I want to give you some Pro tips about your Thanksgiving meal. Whether you’re prepping it you’re going to a relative’s house. You’re going out to a restaurant. You’re getting takeout whatever style Thanksgiving is going to take for you this year. Let’s talk about some offenders in the food category so that you’re not all inflamed.

You’re not all puffy or not all feeling like you’re hungover the next day so bread. Let’s pick on bread first. I love bread. It’s delicious. I’m sure you do too but gluten can be a real tricky one in the gut can make you very inflammatory. So if we’re going to go down the bread or out for dinner rolls or something like that, I would suggest making them gluten-free whether you order them gluten-free, you make your own recipe, there’s lots of good ones with different types of flowers that you can still enjoy your bread and dinner roll without the inflammatory components to them.

So that’s step one. Number two your proteins, your proteins. Usually pretty safe. There’s usually not a whole lot of additives to them. Yeah, you got your seasoning and this and that but it’s really pretty simple the thing you really want to look out for with your proteins are the quality. So this goes for like all Meats in general make sure that they’re organic if possible, you know without any use of hormones or antibiotics. Those are the chemically things that you want to keep out of your proteins.

So those would be the key ones beyond that. You’re going to be pretty safe with your proteins. Again, we love paleo as a whole years ago. We did a Paleo Thanksgiving Workshop. So this is little bits and pieces of that if you just go and search and type in paleo Thanksgiving you’re going to find a lot of this information and you know much more. So that’s your breads that your proteins. Let’s talk about your alcohol. This is, you may not have alcohol altogether.

That’d be the easiest way to avoid any of this. But if you do I’m going to tell you that beer and wine those leave behind in the system. The most toxins they leave behind different things because of the way that their processed, you’re going to be safer with your spirits you’re clear or your clear Spirits are going to be your least offensive, but obviously you don’t drink as much of those as you would have wine and beer the place people go wrong with those are the the mixer.

So whether it is something very sugary like a ginger beer or a orange juice or something like that. At that’s where the sugar aspect comes in and that can leave behind a lot. So for alcohol in general, I would say keep it to the, you know, clear Spirits if possible. Even the dark ones you’ll be fine. Just don’t put a whole bunch of sugar into it. We don’t want to do that regardless of you do beer wine clear Spirits anywhere in the alcohol realm finish the night off with some activated charcoal.

If you’ve never used activated charcoal there these black little capsules. You can also buy just the straight powder. But we buy the capsules from bulletproof. You could find them at Whole Foods, Sprouts. They’ve always got them and you can take the capsules one or two at the end of the night or you can open it. Like we do pull it in some water. Sometimes we pour it in some lemon water and then drink that at the end of the night what it does is it binds to toxins in your gut.

So if you’ve had some alcohol if you’ve had some bad, you know oils or anything else through the meal you want to take that to really absorb that so that your body is not trying to break it down and absorb it if you let the charcoal do that absorption for you and it’ll just bind to it and you’ll eliminated the next day so that Friday when you wake up, you’re like, okay cool. It’s Friday whether you work don’t work. You just have a good day rather than like. Oh man Thanksgiving Hit me hard.

We don’t want any of that. So those are your pro tips for navigating Thanksgiving. So again gluten free bread, high quality meats, keep your alcohols, maybe stay away from the beer and wine. Maybe go over this way, or have no alcohol. That’s a good one, and then end the night with some activated charcoal. So if you got any questions on any of those, please let us know in the comments down below. I’ll answer them right away. Hopefully in time for you to do any shopping or scrambling to change what you may have already planned for Thanksgiving and above all else.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving. See you next time. Bye.

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