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Top 3 Supplements We Recommend

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Hey everyone. Dr. Chris here. And today, we’re talking about the top 3 supplements we recommend. So in general I would prefer Dr. Adana would prefer the same, that you get all your nutrients and everything you need from food. The reality of it is we’re not getting it for a lot of reasons. But part of it is that we just don’t incorporate it into our diet enough. So if you’re not going to get it, these are three things. We think everyone should be young and old.

Let’s start at the top, Vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for us. We need it for so many things. Low Vitamin D levels are linked to lower immune function, lower energy. It’s a precursor for all these other things that need to happen in your body. So low, vitamin D can affect so much. And if you are not actively out in the sun, multiple hours a day, really soaking it up through your skin because that’s the ideal way to get it. Please supplement it with a good brand and good quality. We have several to choose from that we really recommend. I really like the Cataplex D from Standard Process. I also like the A-D Sufficiency from Innate Choice.

Those are the two that are going to see us recommend the most. There are other good brands out there, but Vitamin D, if you haven’t gotten your levels checked and you don’t know where you are, please ask for it on your next blood test with your primary, or we can order you a kit here, you can do it with the simple pinprick and find out the information in a matter of days and then we can supplement appropriately. So Vitamin D’s the first one. The second one, Probiotics. Probiotic-rich foods are essential for our gut health, our gut is our second brain. So we need to support it. If you have had a history like I did where I was on a bunch of antibiotics through my teenage years, even in like, you know, years younger than that, I was just on. I was like an antibiotic machine.

Just showing them down. We didn’t know better at the time and it really did a number on my gut. So the real re-healing and processing needed to be in my intestines primarily through the use of probiotics and I saw a huge shift in my health. Probiotic-rich foods are found in most cultures, but are you actually eating them? So if you’re eating them regularly, maybe you don’t need probiotics. Some good sources, kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, properly made yogurts and kieffer’s. Let me see, let’s go with those for now. If you’re not actively getting those and don’t intend to, please supplement with a good probiotic. If you have questions, please let us know. We love Prosynbiotic from Standard Processes but even with that we rotate it and we switch it up because you want different strains, you want your body and your gut exposed to different strains of probiotics throughout the course of your life, I don’t know how to eat life.

You want to make sure your health is good with that variety. So mix it up a little bit. That would be ideal. But if you have questions on probiotics, please let us know. Number three, omega-3 fish oils, or I should say, Omega 3 fatty acids primarily derived from fish oil. So if you eat a lot of fish, it may be that you’re getting enough which is fantastic. But if you’re not, you need it, Omega-3s are listed as EFA’s, essential fatty acids. What that means is that your body does not produce it on its own, like you can go in the sun all day long. You won’t produce any sort of omega-3 fatty acid as you would vitamin D. So you need to actually consume it. We really like the ones from Innate Choice. Again, Standard Process has a really good one as well. Both high quality, good for you. And it’s going to really show in your health. You know, the problem with omega-3 fatty acids is the Omega sixes have really taken over in the American diet.

So, without getting into too much of the complicated details, we should have a 2 to 1 ratio of Omega-3 to omega-6 with the sixes being the 2. And the 3 is being the one. What we have found or what studies have found in the U.S. is that people are riding the ratio of around 25 to 1. Omega-6 to omega-3. So those Omega sixes are found in your junkie oils. You’re trans fats, your hydrogenated oils, stuff you’re going to find from you know, fast food restaurants, even packaged goods. So you want to steer clear of those because we’re getting far too much getting into our system. And what that does is that creates a high level of inflammation in your body. So number one, decrease the omega-6s and then increase the Omega-3s to balance out that ratio. So those would be our top three.

I can talk more about each of them but we won’t do that here. If you have specific questions, please let us know. We’ll answer those for you right away. Obviously, there are way more supplements in the realm of vitamin supplements that we can recommend and often do recommend, but those would be your fundamental 3. If we need to get into deeper levels of that, we do have a whole nutritional program that you can follow. Just ask us for those details. That’s a whole separate thing that will take you through, you know, questionnaires, maybe some lab tests to figure out. It’s going to be perfect for you, but as a fundamental base, vitamin D3, probiotics, and omega-3 fish oils, or omega-3 fatty acids, so questions, ask them below, email us, text us, whatever it is.

Let’s get that going for you and your kids. Everything I mentioned by the way was mostly adult formulas. All of those we also have in kids, they’re just going to be slightly different names. Maybe a different brand to make it a little more easily consumable. If you ever see fish oil, From Innate Choice, or even Standard Process, they’re pretty big to swallow but they do come in different forms for kiddos. So if you have those questions please let us know. Enjoy, start taking those. See you in the next video.

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