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Torticollis Corrected Through Chiropractic

Lukas Has His Torticollis Corrected Through Chiropractic

As a child growing up in the 2010s, I have witnessed many life experiences. From major world events to the daily chores, education and physical activity in my life. I understand that I must maintain my body, mind and spirit. I am fortunate to also have a family that loves, understands and supports me. This is where the “pop squish” and Drs. Chris and Adana and Jessica help me in my life…

As a baby I was a little squished in my mommy’s womb so I needed a little extra help unfolding outside in this world (torticollis).. My mom knows me so well and she helped so much in my first years stretching and shaping my new body. She really gets me… So, as I grew my mom and dad noticed my body reshaping but not in the proper way… I suffered from congestion when I was sick, even a couple of scary trips to the ER. Not good..

I have had Chiropractic work done before when I was younger so I am familiar with the “pop squish” feeling… However as Dr. Chris and Dr. Adana have shown me, there is more to be done. Ever since meeting them, I have been sick less and my chi is flowing well. I balance my head weights and stretch and get “pop squished” twice a week. I have even received my 25th adjustment! Yeah for me!!! Best news is no scary ER visits. I get sick, then I get better, naturally. Thank you Mom, Dad, Dr. Chris, Dr. Adana and Jessica.

Hope you all have a great day and thank you for reading!

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