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Toy Drive 2015 Rolls On + How We Drink Our Coffee!

In case you missed last week’s announcement about our Toy Drive, here’s the short version. We are sponsoring the Learning Lab at the Hathaway-Sycamores Resource Center in Highland Park. They provided us with a list of things that will help their students thrive for years to come. We turned that list into an Amazon Wishlist for all the donations.

The awesome folks at the Resource Center made us a short video to show us some of their recent success stories. Check it out!

Thanks again for supporting these great kids! And remember, all donations must be received by December 15th.

How We Drink Our Coffee

Maybe its the cooler weather but for some reason in the last few weeks several of you have asked us about how we drink our coffee. So here are our tips:

  • Fair Trade, Organic Beans (non-organic beans are heavily sprayed with pesticides)
  • Organic coconut milk
  • Non-plastic containers (glass, ceramic, stainless steel)
  • Natural filters (no need for extra chemicals just for a white filter)

As you can see we’re pretty simple when it comes to coffee. Our goals are to maximize taste and minimize toxins. Here are some finer points…

  • We brew our coffee in one of two ways depending on the day: 1. With a Chemex, using and organic cotton filter. 2. With a Rok Espresso Press which has a stainless steel filter.
  • We don’t typically sweeten our coffee. The coconut milk has some natural sweetness. But if we do choose to add a sweetener we use coconut palm sugar.

If you search for the dangers and the benefits of coffee, you’r going to find equally long lists of information. You’ll also find that on the dangers lists, most everything points to the source of the beans, the dairy based milks and creamers and the fake sugars. Keep things simple and pure and you’ll easily find yourself enjoying delicious coffee with plenty of benefits.