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Webster Technique Certified Chiropractors


Of Course We’re Webster Certified Chiropractors

A few weeks ago we were adjusting a pregnant mom and using the Webster Technique. As the we were checking her spinal alignment we were describing the education that we went through to become Webster Technique certified. Her response was “You guys are certified for pregnancy and pediatric care? I didn’t know that!”

When she said that we had a big laugh because we assumed that she chose us as her chiropractors based on our Webster certification! (If this story isn’t amusing to you, then you just had to be there!) Apparently we don’t mention it enough, but both of us are certified pregnancy and pediatric chiropractors. And of course that includes the Webster Technique.  We’ve completed two certifications in addition to our required chiropractic education.

So if you’re ever wondering why you see so many kids running around Innate, now you know. We absolutely love working with kids and it’s mostly because of their incredible potential. They way we see things, an optimally healthy child has a far greater chance at becoming a healthy adult. With all the sickness and poor health in our society, its time to start a new wave of health.

That ultimately begins with a healthy conception, pregnancy and delivery of a beautiful little healthy baby. As you know we are currently living through this process with Dr. Adana’s pregnancy. And by all accounts she’s had a fantastic experience thus far. If you’re looking to become pregnant or if you’re currently pregnant, talk to her about the prep work she’s done because it’s clearly paying off for her!

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Dr. Chris & Dr. Adana

Never Heard of the Webster Technique?

If you’ve never heard of chiropractors using the Webster Technique, then check out the link below. The ICPA has the best resources when it comes to chiropractic care and pregnancy.