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We're Human Too! Dr. Chris Explains

Good Morning Innate Family Dr. Chris Here, Today’s Tip is about your level of awareness. Are there things you could do in your everyday life to improve your health? If you’re like me, then you probably thought about a few things right away! Well a few weeks ago I felt like I was struck by a lightning bolt when I figured out why I was getting yellow bars on my scan. Yes, that’s my scan you see up there. I NEVER get yellows, but my last few scans have consistently shown yellow bars and I was not a fan of that! I get adjusted regularly, I crossfit 2-4 times per week, I eat paleo, so why do I still have yellows?!?! I was getting frustrated and I wasn’t sure what to do. So I brought it up to one of my coaches and during our conversation he happened to bring up my posture while sitting at my desk and BOOM!!! That’s when I figured it out! About 6 months ago I switched from sitting on a stability ball to a regular chair. I switched because the ball sprung a leak and deflated. I’ve used a ball as my primary chair for at least 7 years, and for the last 6 months a regular chair has been steadily chipping away at my usually awesome scans. In my case, it was a physical stress that was causing a strange subluxation pattern. But you should have heard the conversations between Dr. Adana and I, as I tried to figure out if it was being caused by a physical, chemical, or emotional stress. Moral of the story, look into your daily habits and actions. If there is something that needs to change, start making that change now to improve your health. I’d love to hear some of the things you’re going to change. Leave a comment below and let me know! Take Action Today! -Dr. Chris PS: The day I figured it out, I got a new ball to sit on!