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Your Innate Intelligence

Innate Intelligence

Video Transcript

Everyone. Dr. Chris here and this week. We are learning about your innate intelligence. You may not have heard that term. You maybe heard us speak about it. Maybe you came to a workshop where we talk a lot about it. But you at least know that you come here to Innate Family Chiropractic. So the word Innate means inborn something from within and your intelligence will that’s how your body is functioning. That’s the internal workings and we say as chiropractors your innate intelligence resides within your nervous system, so the Nervous system is your brain your spinal cord, and all the spinal nerves that go to every cell tissue and organ in your body.

So your intelligence is magical. Here’s why let’s take an example of food. Let’s say you ate something today. Maybe you’re eating something right. Now while you’re watching this video. Well, once you eat it, once you’ve done the active job of selecting what you’re going to eat chewing it. It’s gone. You swallow it and you don’t think about it again because your body takes over from there. Your body breaks it down your body sorts it out. It decides. Am I going to keep this for nutrients? Am I going to get rid of this for waste your body does all those fancy things? Let’s think about oxygen, the oxygen you breathe in it goes into your lungs and then your lungs push that oxygen into your bloodstream, and what it doesn’t want you to breathe out is carbon dioxide that’s intelligent to all these workings of our body happen without us having to think about it.

Imagine a way to think about our heart beating. Like just be doing this video probably pass out because like I forgot for a second while I’m talking heartbeat heartbeat heartbeat heartbeat, there’s so much going on that it’s you know, the level of wisdom. We would need to be able to control that with their own minds is unfathomable. So we thank our Innate Intelligence and we know a couple of things about it. Our innate intelligence is always pushing us towards normal. The big fancy word is homeostasis, which is balance within our body like a couple of things. You already know. I’m sure is you know our bodies Must be a certain temperature we go too high.

It’s a fever we go too low. We don’t want to do that either. So we’re supposed to live within a certain range. Well, our innate intelligence our internal homeostasis, or that balance is working to stay within that range. We are supposed to have those certain pH in our blood were supposed to have a certain, you know, this that and the other within our system. So all that stuff your Innate intelligence is taking care of it. Do you know what stops your name intelligence from working at its best? Think about it think about it. No, but yeah, I’ll tell you it’s a subluxation is subluxation it directly impacts your nerves and your nervous system. Which inhibits your body, I can speak hold on, backup A Subluxation inhibits your body’s ability to self-heal and self regulate those two things are critical.

If you’re not at your best when it comes to self-healing and self-regulating. Well, your body’s not going to function like it’s supposed to We wanted to punch in at its best if you’re subluxated your nervous system is just not functioning at its best. So every time you get adjusted, you’re allowing your Innate intelligence to work at its best simple. Simply, it’s elegant. It’s perfect in everything that it is because it just allows you to live and function at normal. So many people, the masses of our society don’t get adjusted so we know inherently that there’s subluxated to an extent and they’re just Just not operating at their best. I wish everyone was getting adjusted.

So we’re all up here at this Level Playing Field of good normal healthy function. That would be fantastic and you see it play out on your scans. When you go from super colorful to less colorful and you see that change going closer to the white part or on your HRV if you’re far away from that green box and you start to get closer. That’s your body and your Innate Intelligence working to keep you functioning at its best. So after you watch this video get ready for a pop quiz or Dr. Adana is going to ask you what you learned about your Innate intelligence from this video. So get ready. Think about a talking point. We’re going to ask ya this week. See ya. Bye.

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